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Modeling Electronics
Our model lighting products are based upon our UPIC12 microcontroller pcb which measures 1 1/8” x 1 1/2” and can be powered by 6-12v ac or dc. These small pcb’s work well with all scales of modeling including 150th N scale model railroading up to 1/12 scale dollhouses. For dollhouse modeling these boards can be imbedded in dollhouse furnature or hot-glued under the floor. They mount easily to the underside of train layouts and displays. These boards are low power and can be used in stand-alone situations using a 9vdc battery. Though these boards are low power they are designed with a large regulator that can drive large LED loads and can support standard incandescent model lighting fixtures as replacements for LED’s.  These boards support hundreds of model lighting products which give these boards great versatility.
These packages are great for bringing your model building to life. They include active and steady building, house and dollhouse lighting packages. One of our most popular boards is ‘Flickering TV. When you add a few of these to your layout things really come alive.
These lighting packages conform to FAA and FTB tower and beacon regulations and also bring lots of life to your layouts and scenes.
A few standard transportation lighting packages including our 2-direction variable traffic light controller. Our runway approach lights are always a big hit at the train shows and always get a wow! from visitors to our train layout.
These are hard to find lighting packages for model vehicle lighting projects. These include various emergency vehicle light packages. Though our pcb is fairly small, modeling in small scales above 1/64 usually requires mounting the pcb’s below deck and running the wires up by wheel into the model.
This group includes favorite train layout lighting packages like Campfires, Welding torch, Camera flash and Stadium camera flash.
These pre-wired harnesses are made with high quality, high temperture, 28awg black Kynar high temperature wire. This wire is very flexable and small and can be used on very small models and makes a snap out of most miniature lighting projects.
Model Lighting Systems   2013
Model Railroading
Trach Switching and Signaling
Our doll house group is a variation of our standard model house and building lighting packages but include an on-board switch for stand alone situations using either batteries or an ac wall transformer.